• Forged Kiridashi - Custom Order


    This is my take on a Kiridashi utility knife. Forged from O-1 tool steel and these blades are given double bevels, one on each side, with a 10" contact wheel. This grind gives a very nice thin cutting edge that stays thinner for longer as you move away from the cutting edge as opposed to a flat grind. This helps keep a nice slicing action even though the stock has a nominal 1/4" thickness. The Cutting edge is 1 1/2" long and the overall length is 5 1/4". These blades are given a deep cryogenic treatment which significantly increases wear resistance as well as adding additional stain resistance to the high carbon tool steel. Great little blades for around the shop used often for marking and leatherwork. Really, any task you would keep a razor knife handy for can be done with style and one of these kiridashis. It comes with a protective leather sheath. 

    *Please allow 2-3 weeks for your knife to be ready.

    *Price is USD.

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