• 2 day Knife Making Workshop

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    These 2-day knife-making workshops are specifically tailored to exactly what you want out of them. Whether you're looking to make your first knife or would like to concentrate on improving specific aspects of your knife making, these two-day knife-making workshops are going to give you incredible insight and information that you can take with you and develop as you continue in your knife making the journey. 

    Classes can be done during two consecutive days (Sundays are not available) or if you would rather split them up with a little time in between. We are fairly flexible and are usually able to meet the specific scheduling requests of our customers. 

    Class includes all materials (blade materials, handle material, and pin material) as well as lunch for both days. Class days are typically around 8 hours per day.

    If you will be traveling to attend the class, we are more than happy to help with information about local hotels, travel, restaurants, etc.